Thursday, February 26, 2009

Chickenfoot Winter

I want to blog. Oh, yes I do. I have thoughts. I have opinions. I have stories. What I don't have right now, is the time. It is basketball season. Baseball season is knocking on our door and already has a foot inside my living room. Uugghh. So, what do I have to say right now?

First, I'm disgusted that winter failed to deliver this year. It appears we'll have spring for 6 months this year. I am a winter person. I love the snow. I love the cold temperatures. I love the excitement of a pending snowfall. And you know, if winter does it right, I'm OK with spring, and even summer isn't that bad. But when winter hibernates inside itself, I get irked with the weather. I also am SOOOOO tired of the news guys and gals on TV talking about how lucky we are and if the weather dips into the 40's how terribly cold it is and when will we get back to the spring temps. C'mon guys. It's winter. Let winter be winter. You knew when you moved here that we have four seasons here (except this year). So if you want warm weather year round, I can tell you where to find it. Don't curse those of us who enjoy the winter solstice. I don't complain about your 100 degree temps. I understand it's summer and it's part of the game. I will stay inside my air conditioned home. Why can't you put on a sweater and a coat? Figure it out. It's not that hard. Anyway, winter...It'll be glad to see your pale self this weekend, even if it is just for a couple of days. I'll cross my fingers for next year that you'll be able to make a longer visit. Sure, you can have a temper, but you really are beautiful and your mood is usually pretty tender. Consider making a longer stay next year.

Second...well, there is no second. But, I found this video that I thought was interesting. Do you recognize at least two of the people in the video? I know who they are. It'll be good to hear what they do next. And, Chickenfoot....nice. A fresh take on a timeless symbol.