Thursday, February 11, 2010

In preparation for Vancouver

In 1992, the XVI Winter Olympic Games were held in Albertville, France. Before the closing ceremonies, we all saw the following video. The words...the music...the images...I was amazed and moved by it all. My friend, Andy, experienced the same thing.

Back then, before DVR technology, you had to have the foresight to record something on videotape with your VCR. He had that foresight, especially when it came to sporting events. He made a cassette tape of the audio from this video and I still have it today. It's very inspirational and motivating. I've not seen this video in 18 yrs...until today. I thought it fitting to revisit this powerful segment on the eve of the XXI Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver. Go USA!

Yes...they are beautiful. And their majesty touches our hearts.

But, we are not satisfied merely to admire the mountains. We try to move them, as we compete against the elements...against one another...even against ourselves.

We rejoice in success, and we are humbled by failure. Yet, we are enriched by both.

For it takes no more courage to rise up than to fall down.

There may be glory in gold medals, but there is dignity with the attempt to earn them.

In the Olympics, as in life, there is winning and losing. But we, unlike the mountains, are moved by both. And, if nothing else, these games have reminded us that we are mere mortals.

We know we cannot really move mountains, but we can try!