Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Conviction of the Heart

Tonight, we are going out to celebrate our wedding anniversary that we haven't been able to celebrate in two years. We're nowhere near the correct date, but we're attending an event that seems perfect for the both of us.

I'm not ashamed to say it...we're going to see Kenny Loggins. We've been wanting to see him for YEARS and he's finally playing close enough for us to go. We bought V.I.P. tickets that include dinner, drinks and all of the other fancy stuff.

I have this habit when I go to concerts of writing down the set-list so I can make a CD copy of the exact song order. Then, we can sort of re-live the experience chronologically. I'll probably post that tomorrow for any other Kenny Loggins fans out there.

Most people I tell about this think the guy only has one-hit..."Footloose" or "I'm Alright". But, most people aren't as musically educated and well-rounded as I am. That ain't bragging, it's just the truth.

I'm looking forward to hearing:
• Heartlight
• Heart To Heart
• I'm Alright
• The Real Thing
• Sweet Reunion
• House on Pooh Corner
• Danny's Song
• DangerZone
• I'm Free
• Forever
• Whenever I Call You Friend
• Don't Fight It
• Vox Humana

....I could go on and on. I think I have an argument here that Kenny Loggins has had more than just one hit.

There is one particular song that I really want to hear, and am sure he'll sing it. Sara thinks he'll start the show with it. (I think he'll start with something from his new CD, "How About Now"). The song I want to hear is from his "Leap Of Faith" CD...."Conviction Of The Heart".

Sunday, August 17, 2008

So I get back from Orlando, Florida just in time for a hurricane to nose it's way toward the state. I guess one hurricane sees DisneyWorld and they all think they have to go...either that or head to Six Flags over Texas. I thought I'd have some time to write about these topics:

• My trip to Orlando
• The crazy premonitions I kept having before the trip
• Andrew's trip to Kanakuk
• Am I really staying up late to watch fencing, ping-pong, swimming and gymnastics?

...but, we started painting the exterior of our house. Between that and football practice and a new school year, I've not had much time to really reflect and just spill it out all over my keyboard.

Andrew's birthday party is next week so I'm sure this week will be consumed with planning and preparing for that.

One day, I'll have the time I want to blog about life, but as long as life keeps happening and writing new pages and episodes, a short note will have to do.

Friend from VC

Here's another fabulous piece of artwork from Amber. This is her first compisition as a first grade student. A short explanation of the piece is provided by the artist below the picture.

OK...so she got the VC on there backwards, but still, it's a pretty good picture.

This is actually a Squiggle Art project. What that means is, the kids are given a blank piece of paper except for a small "squiggle" on the page. In this instance, it's the V in the v-neck shirt. Then the kids draw a picture centered around that. It's a great exercise in imagination, which Amber has an over-abundance of.

She says, "This was my best picture that I ever made in my whole life and I really like it. This person was looking at another person. I made his red hair pointy cause it matched the squiggle on the page...I think that's all. It's like a picture with his arms down by his sides or like in his pockets. His name is Crazy Hair."

So there you have it.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Billy Goat-Goat-Goat-Goat

Remember Saturday mornings growing up? You didn't ever, EVER sleep in. Because if you did, you'd miss them. You tip-toed past Mom and Dad's room so not to wake them up (if they weren't up already) because if you did, they'd either give you chores to do or they'd get the TV to watch something. But, back then, there wasn't much else on at that time except...CARTOONS! Yay! I win!

So, being that it's Saturday morning and I survived my trip to Florida (although DisneyWorld nearly killed me), I'm celebrating my homecoming with a favorite from the past. Gather the kids around and show them something from when you were a kid. You gotta admit that this is much easier to watch than the anime' stuff like Pokemon and Dragonball Z. My kids don't even like that junk. But when they heard the opening music from this cartoon on my computer, they came running in to watch.
This is "Billy Boy" and I laugh everytime that farmer guy stutters. Great stuff!


Monday, August 4, 2008

Leaving for Orlando

Until I return on Friday, this blog is...

Hopefully, I'll have much to blog about my trip and Andrew's week at Kanakuk. Have a great week!

Friday, August 1, 2008

The Great Adventure

Sara and I saw the first photographic evidence that the boys are at Kanakuk safe and sound! How awesome!

As Andrew and I were leaving town under a thick fog that stayed with us until we were deep into Oklahoma, this is the first song I played for him. This song was brand new when I worked at Kanakuk K-2 back in 1992 and I adopted it as my song for the Kanakuk summer.

I can't embed this particular video for you so you'll just have to click through. Great song and so appropriate for anyone going to Kanakuk. Be sure to watch it in high quality. The scenery is fantastic.

Here is Steven Curtis Chapman and "The Great Adventure".