Monday, September 29, 2008

Goldilocks and the Walrus

So, last night while we were waiting for the school bus, I see the neighbors across the street pull into their driveway. They start unloading their car with bags. Apparently, they had been to the airport to pick someone up. Well, not too far behind them comes this guy driving a small dark blue pickup. The family across the street has 6 kids, 4 of them are driving age so there was really no place for him to park. He pulled over to our side of the street (going the wrong way) and parked his truck. A boy about Andrew's age got out and walked our way asking if the tree next to our driveway was a cotton tree. I said, "No, it's a maple, but there are plenty of Cottonwood trees around here." By that time, the guy driving the truck was walking toward me and I really couldn't believe who it was. It was Paul McCartney. No security, no stupid paparazzi, no nothing. Just the walrus himself.

When I was a student at Belmont University in Nashville, TN, there were always celebrities and well-known people walking around campus so we learned in a hurry not to ever be a "fan". The environment was one of learning and these people were here to help us with our education so there was no room to be star-struck. After working in the music business for a few years, fame doesn't affect me much anymore. They're just people after all.

As Paul walked toward me, I played it cool and welcomed him like I would a neighbor from down the street. While I may have been freaking out on the inside, I was cool as a fall breeze on the outside. I shook his hand and asked how he was doing and if I could do anything for him. Apparently, he was looking for locations to shoot his album cover and someone told him about our tree and the amazing colors it turns during the fall. (Link to see pictures of the tree during the fall here: The name of the album is "Goldilocks" so I can see the connection.

So, there I am standing in my driveway unaffected by the fact I'm talking to one of the Beatles...Paul Mc"fricking"Cartney, about the neighborhood and about music in general (one of my favorite topics!) and I notice people driving by starting to look curiously our way, so I invite him in to the house. He waves to the neighbors who have some connection to him to say I'll be over shortly. The boy who rode with him stays outside to play with Andrew & Amber.

Our house is very unassuming to it's a nice front for someone of his caliber of celebrity. We go in and sit in the front room. We offer him something to drink (water, soda...nothing hard) and he declines so we sit in the front room to continue our conversation. As he's talking, I think of three people I know within driving distance who would love to have the opportunity I'm having. So I ask him, "You're not an idiot, Paul. You're aware that people all over the world love your music and think you're pretty cool. I know three people who would enjoy meeting you and am wondering if you'd care if I called them so they could meet you." He says, "Sure! I'd love to meet your friends." So I call my dad and tell him I need him to come to Wichita but didn't tell him why. He's reluctant but decides to head our way. I also call Christine and I call Jon. They both come over and are floored at who is sitting in my living room. But they were cool and very polite and not fanatical at all. I was relieved and impressed and I know it meant a lot to them. I was eager to see how Dad would react.

We continued talking, sharing stories, not dropping one delicate word pitched toward our ears. The discussion turned back toward the tree where the boys were playing when all of a sudden...

I woke up. Yep, it was a dream I had. You probably clued into that fact in the first sentence when I said "last night I was waiting for the school bus" knowing full well that school buses don't run at night, especially on Sunday nights. I have no idea what this dream means. Andrew had a goldfish that died recently whose name was "Goldilocks" but I can't find any meaning behind this. All I know is it was as vivid as 3D movie and I was aware of the noises around me (Sara was getting ready and the kids were stirring) but I was still able to keep my eyes closed to see what might happen or learn if Paul was going to give me concert tickets or something cool.

I'll end with a message for Paul. If by some weird cosmic chance you had a dream similar to this about putting my tree on your album cover, you have my permission, and you're welcome to visit anytime. I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

How About Now? (Kenny Loggins setlist)

I think I've waited long enough.

What a concert! One of the best I've been to. Kenny Loggins did a fantastic job. Just a perfect night in almost every way.

I have plenty of pictures to share and I'll get that link to you soon. For now, here's the setlist:

  • Danny's Song
  • Return To Pooh Corner
  • Conviction of the Heart
  • How About Now (new song, new CD)
  • Celebrate Me Home
  • This Is It (Kirk Franklin version...I've included the Kirk Fanklin version. I preferKenny's version and am glad he took this back for his own)

  • I'm A Free Man Now (new song, new CD)
  • Angry Eyes
  • (some song he said was from Caddyshack that I'd never heard before. I think he mentioned "Baby Ruth" and "do what you gotta do" but am not sure. Great song, though!)
  • Your Mama Don't Dance
  • I'm Alright
  • Don't Fight It
  • Danger Zone
  • Footloose
  • Forever (encore)

It was a solid set from top to bottom. Check back on this post for the link to photographs and an extra treat or two from the show. It's late now and I have a busy week in front of me. I've been so busy at work with the launch of the new TV season and with life by getting the kids where they need to be and going to ball games and painting the house (although Sara has done most of that) and dodging flood waters...blogging kinda had to be set on the back-burner. Sorry about that. Hopefully you understand and you haven't given up on me. I can tell you stories about talking to 7,000 people at the Kansas State Fair, learning that my very cool Saturn also serves as a makeshift boat, gathering "wisdom" in an empty Gatorade bottle, and share my curiosity about the whole "Twitter" bonanza. But, my pillow beckons me and I am looking forward to viewing the backside of my eyelids for about six-hours.


12/26/08 - I just put together the setlist from the show for your listening pleasure, in case you want to "experience" it again with us. Enjoy.