Friday, August 13, 2010

If You Love Kansas

Someone I follow on Twitter posted a link to this blog entry about Kansas and it really struck a chord with me. I was born in Kansas, raised in Kansas, left Kansas to live in the beautiful state of Tennessee, and still chose to move back to this "dry, boring, plain, miserable, windy, dull, sucky, wasteland state". You read that correctly. I chose to move back. I could of stayed in the south in the wonderful city of Nashville where there is always something happening, but honestly, it doesn't hold a candle to Kansas. Every time I'd travel home, something kept pulling at me. Driving through the flint hills, seeing the wild sunflowers, enjoying the huge never-ending blue sky, feeling the biting winter wind against my's all part of me and I can't let it go. Sometimes you have to leave a place to truly see how special it is.

The only adjective listed above that Kansas qualifies to use is "windy". The wind shows its face quite often and can cause a ruckus when it wants to. Even then, there are more days than I can count that were so still and motionless, where the only evidence of any activity around me was the movement of air from my own breathing.

Kansas is a wonderful place, and I'm glad a lot of people don't see that. The open spaces stay wide, the sky stays blue, the air stays fresh, the beauty stays natural, the flowers stay sunny, nature stays wild, and there's more Kansas for me to enjoy.

This girl gets it, and I had to link to her blog entry. Set all of your Kansas stereotypes aside and read what she has to say. It helped me realize my appreciation for all that surrounds me and to know there is no shame in calling Kansas home.

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